A few covers and originals, mostly recorded in my room on a phone. Maybe one day I'll get an actual camera!


'Toxic' - Britney Spears

This is my band Cellolele, consisting of my bf Louis and myself. Watch us play what is arguably the most defining song of our generation. 

'Imagine' - Jon lennon, played by the crown heights ukulele club

We wanted to spread some love as a group. This was our rehearsal for a performance at a Safe Space Open Mic, where proceeds were donated in honor of the victims of the Pulse attack in Orlando in 2016. May the LGBTQ community feel loved and strong in the wake of this tragedy.

'Suitcase full of sparks' - Gregory Alan isakov

Sometimes I try to play banjo.

'This town' - kygo feat. sasha sloan

Sometimes I play guitar.