Covers and originals, mostly recorded in my room on a phone. Maybe one day I'll get an actual camera!


'Half moon' - blind pilot cover

FINALLY got to play with the incredibly talented Lauren Hunt of Beecher's Fault! She was one of the first musicians I met when I moved to NYC. It was my birthday and I didn't know anyone who was free on a Tuesday night, so I went to an open mic alone. Moral of the story: don't sit alone at home sulking on your bday, go out and make some new friends (music is always a good ice breaker). Check out her youtube channel here!

'Imagine' by Jon lennon, played by the crown heights ukulele club

We wanted to spread some love as a group. This was our rehearsal for a performance at a Safe Space Open Mic, where proceeds were donated in honor of the victims of the Pulse attack in Orlando. May the LGBTQ community feel loved and strong in the wake of this tragedy.

'don't know why' - Norah jones

I just love Norah Jones.