Current Location:  New York, NY



What: The mission is simple. Give ukulele lessons to others in order to spread empowerment through music. ANYONE can play a ukulele, and I'm trying to teach as many people as I can for free! 

Who I am: Shannon Ferguson, a 26 yr. old New York native and ukulele enthusiast (obviously). I grew up with 4 brothers and a bunch of pets. Competition for food was fierce. I still have trouble sharing snacks (I'm working on it though). I have a degree in special education and currently work as an account manager, supporting teachers throughout the country. 

Here are some Shannon facts...

  • I have a motorcycle license
  • There are 2 titanium screws in my right knee (not related to the first fact)
  • I once wrote a song about how much I love peanut butter 

Where: For now, I'm located in NYC. Feel free to contact me directly if you have an opportunity for me to travel somewhere else. 

Why: I've been teaching classes for a few years and have seen my students grow in confidence through the power of creating their own music. I want to share that with as many people as I can. 

How: Now that I'm back in NYC, I'm looking to bring ukulele all over the city! I always have one with me, and most of my teaching is done randomly.  

Check out "How it all began" to learn more

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The day all the ukes for the Crown Heights Ukulele Club arrived!

The day all the ukes for the Crown Heights Ukulele Club arrived!